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Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn: Sending Invitations – SmartMomEDU

Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn: Sending Invitations

We all know LinkedIn is great for making new professional connections, right? I mean, that is the whole point of LinkedIn – to connect. So in our final installment of our series, I am going to walk you through how to make connections. You can also check out this informative article about LinkedIn invitations.

There are a few ways to find people to connect with on LinkedIn. The first way is to search them out specifically by typing their name in the search bar. The second way is to check out the “People You May Know” section (click on See More, if you want to view more suggested connections.) The third way to connect to new people is through your groups.

LI8 ss1

When you type a name in the search bar, LinkedIn will show you all results of members with that name. You need to search the names until you find your intended connection.

LI8 ss2

Once if you find the person you are looking for, click on their name which will bring you to their Profile page. Once there, you can click on the “Connect” icon.

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Once you click “Connect” you will be able to invite this person to connect. LinkedIn will ask you how you know the person. Select the correct answer. I also recommend adding a personal note when you send the invitation by modifying the text in the text box.

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Please refer to these articles to get some great ideas on what to include in your LinkedIn invitation:

Best LinkedIN invitation templates

LinkedIn message guidelines

 Back on the Home page, check out the “People You May Know” section. LinkedIn looks at your current connections and uses that information to suggest other people you may know. If you select “see more” you will find a long list of possible connections. It’s easy to invite these people to connect. You can either just select the connect button – but be warned, this action immediately sends an invitation without allowing you to personalize the message. The better option would be to select note icon (next to the Connect icon) – by doing so, you are then allowed to type a personal note before sending the invitation.

Be sure to use the icon that allows you to personalize your invitation request!

Be sure to use the icon that allows you to personalize your invitation request!


You can also use your groups to make new connections. To do so, go to a groups page (remember, select Interests from the home page, then select Groups, then select the group you want). On the groups page, you will see the members. Click on the members link (see below) to view the members of the group.

LI8 ss6

The members of the group will appear (sorted by connection level). You can then click on the person you would like to connect with. This step will bring you to their profile page where you can then send a personal invitation.

When someone invites you to connect, you will receive an email asking you to accept or ignore.  You can also check open invitations under your messages (found in the top navigation).   Again, you will see your open invitations that you can either accept or ignore.

LI8 ss7

Your assignment this week is to start making connections! Remember to search friends, parents of your kid’s friends, volunteer connections, and colleagues (including former colleagues) and use your groups (I’m sure you have joined some after the last assignment!). See if you can get 25-50 connections to start with. And be sure to always personalize your message!

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