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Happy Birthday Lisa! – SmartMomEDU

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is Lisa’s birthday!  She is one of my best friends, my neighbor and we’ve been building this website together.   She is the kind of friend who will track Weight Watchers points with you even if she doesn’t need to – at all.  I don’t care if my house is messy when she comes over.  I know she will laugh with me over anything ridiculous or silly.  I hope you have a friend like Lisa.  Thanks Lisa!!!!

watermelon birthday cake

Happy Birthday Lisa

I just had to share the instructions for this watermelon cake.


  1.  use a watermelon with straight sides – more oblong than round
  2. slice it in 2 inches wide circles
  3. decorate the sides using a small sharp spoon, knife or edge of a veggie peeler
  4. cut the rounds into 4-6 wedges
  5. stack the rounds back together – you can use wooden skewers to hold the stacks together
  6. decorate with candles, berries and whipped cream
  7. enjoy!!!

PS: this is a bonus treat!  I’m sure she will have fancy cake with frosting and ice cream too.

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