Sue Lawlor Brand, Resume and Valentine’s Day

Your Brand


What’s yours?

We all have a personal brand.  It’s the way we choose to present ourselves to everyone around us.  We usually don’t think about it but we really should.  Look around and see if you can identify what yours is.  Focus these three things: your strengths, your vibe and your niche for starters.  When you’ve defined where you are, then think about what you would like your personal brand to be in the future.  Write this all down and add it to your vision board so you can remember to cultivate it in your everyday life.


Strengths — (organized, adaptable, creative, planner, speaker)

Vibe — (how do you like to dress, where do you live, where do you like to be)

Niche — (fitness, accounting, home décor, books, cooking).

Be sure to add this

Success and Kindness

Yes to Kindness!

The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.



Resume Polish

Objective – often the first category on your resume and you want it to stand out.


Objective  Utilize my skills as floral designer and event planner

 (this looks like a template)


Objective                         -Floral Designer/Event Planner-

(this looks like a statement)


Good For You

Valentine’s Day DIY Happy


This just has to be made by me in the next 3 days!

Thank you for your brilliance!


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