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SmartMomEdu is dedicated to helping you (busy moms) stay ‘in the know’ and ready for your next exciting  job or career choice.

Time away from the workforce can lead mothers to feel unsure about their career options and to lose confidence in their skills.   We are dedicated to helping moms overcome this uncertainty by helping them find their niche, improve their skills, develop their personal brand, and cultivate connections. We know mothers have a lot to offer upon their return to paid employment and we want to help them (and potential employers) realize that too.

SmartMomEdu offers inspiring and actionable information, useful resources, and in-person learning events to help moms during all stages of their career comeback.


SmartMomEDU is a member of PARWCC


Sue and Lisa Simply put, kids grow up. If you are in the early stages of parenthood, it may be hard to believe that there comes a point when your kids don’t need you every 8.2 seconds. You will begin to have more free time and you may find yourself wondering, “Now what?” It was along this line of thinking that SmartMomEdu.com was born. SmartMomEdu.com was founded by two moms like you. Between us, we have 6 kids ranging in stages from college to preschool. We each took time off from our careers to be home with our kids. When we founded SmartMomEdu.com we were both working part-time, but wanted to do more. Fueled by the realization that resources for moms who are considering returning to the paid work force are extremely limited, we decided there must be a better way! We want to offer moms flexible and affordable learning  and networking opportunities. Moms deserve to be connected, creative, and confident.